Here I sit in my transformed kitchen.... but wait...what do I hear????
The microwave is heating tea water...the toaster is popping up perfect toast....
my daughter is drying her hair in the bathroom....the weather man is telling me it might rain from the tv in the living room
and Bob is in the garage running his table saw!!!!!!!!!!!
All thanks to you and your amazing crew!!!
There isn't a day goes by that we don't smile and think of you....
like plugging in Bob's tools in the little porch off the kitchen (instead of on the kitchen counter!)
the lantern that our neighbors gave us plugs in so nicely on the front porch....
the mood created in the living room from the canned lighting in the corner..
and that brings us back to sitting at my kitchen table waiting for my tea water....
You helped us SO much with your knowledge but even more so with your kindness.
We can't thank you enough...
And now, may the Lord bless you and keep you
May He make His face to shine on you and give your peace
May your family know His presence and your business prosper.
Grace and Peace....
Bob and Diane Wilmot, WI
P.S. I hope that little pink dragon is still riding around on your truck....he survived the fire and deserves a vacation!!